Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cat Project

I recently discovered that I am a cat person. I love a warm, furry cuddly on my lap when I am down. I do not own a cat for the simple reason that both my sister and I are mildly allergic. And yet, whenever I see a cat, I have an urge to pet it and love it despite teary eyes and wheezy breathing.
I am posting useful links to these neat models.
(c) to their creators.


  1. (sorry for my English I'm French)

    everywhere on the web we find the same Hiroaki Takai's Cat 's diagram... But i can't manage to do it with Japanese explanations :/
    Would you please consider to make an intelligible explanation of this folding for all those who think this little cat looks so cute... ? :)
    Thank you very much in advance

    1. MaxLanar, thank you for your comment. I will take that under advisement and maybe add it to my project list! :) Je le ferai avec plaisir quand j'aurais un peu de temps.