Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Work Never Stops

Happy Labor Day everyone!

I hope everyone had a good well-deserved day off. For workaholics like me, work is what you like to do to "relax", even at home. There is nothing like feeling productive after a quiet day at home with nothing but you, your books, and your laptop.

Home is my office, and the office is my home.

 I have done everything short of sleeping in that place. But I have the feeling that a day will come when I have to take a nap right there in my chair. I leave all of my stuff at the office: my Tupperware, my blanket when it's cold, and my books, which litter the desk.

However, my work station at home is no less busy or chaotic. Work just seems to follow me wherever I go.

On the whole, work is fun and never fails to be interesting, and the office has been a second home to me for nearly five years now. My obsessive folding is not only tolerated there; it is encouraged. For instance, we sometimes use origami demonstrations in our English classes to teach students process analysis. And origami often provides a nice touch to our projects.

I made this (temporary) logo for one of our Civic Engagement projects called LingoTech.

I'm one of those freaks who are terrified of surprise days off and holidays for fear of not getting everything done. I do not bemoan the end of the weekend, but rather start planning the week to come. I might be exaggerating a little. Of course, it can get very tiring sometimes, and the prospect of sleeping in on days off is always welcome, but I know people who absolutely hate their jobs. So at the end of the day, I suppose I should count myself blessed.

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