Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dragon Hoard

I think dragons are awesome. So I made paper dragons.

Some of these models are easy and some are nigh impossible to get just right. But all of them are great fun to make.

This is an exceedingly easy model that takes
literally a minute to make. Instructions 

This is one of the most amusing to make. Instructions here.

Here are Jo Nakashima's instructions for Gilad Aharoni's Dragao de Origami.

Simple dragon. Instuctions

This neat little dragon was designed by Jeremy Shafer. A word to the wise: use as thin a sheet of paper as you can get your hands on. Mine was so thick I had to skip a couple of steps. I was too lazy and disheartened to try again with thinner paper. Maybe for Dragon Hoard Part II.


This is by far the coolest one. But, nothing is for free; it is also the trickiest. Here is my messy version of Tadashi Mori's version of Marc Vigo's Snake Dragon
The extra creases and tattered edges on mine are all intentional...