Friday, November 9, 2012

Paper Flowers

I don't like flowers. They smell funny and they are too pink. I think the worst gift you can give someone is a dead thing wrapped in pretty ribbons that will later be displayed at the center of a table in an expensive piece of ceramic or crystal with water in it to create the illusion of suspending its miserable life for a couple of days longer. Seriously, what ironic sentiment is that meant to express?
If you want to make that special someone sad and depressed, give them flowers.

A good alternative (if you can't find a potted flower, or if you know that they will never water it and that it will die anyway) is paper.

Carambola Flower Instructions.
You should still be able to follow the instructions
even if you don't speak German.

I made this pretty ornament as a gift by gluing six Carambola flowers together. They loved it.

I cannot for the life of me find the instructions I used to make this flower. Maybe I'll make my own and post them here sometime soon.

EDIT: Here is my tutorial for making this lovely model.

 To make flower stems, just roll up a green sheet of paper into a really tight tube.

A bunch of lovely Irises and Lilies

Instructions for making Irises and Lilies differ only in one step. Here are Tadashi Mori's Instructions for making them.

A bouquet can make a nice gift with a personal touch.

This was made with two large Lilies one inside the other and two smaller lilies on the side.

A special girl deserves something extra special.
She will love it (and secretly think you are insane.)

And, of course, the traditional Lotus Flower, ladies and gentlemen.

Lotus Flower Instructions by Tadashi Mori

And they can be just a random gift for a friend or office mate.

EDIT: Some people were asking for instructions on how to do the carambola flower. I thought I would post links while I was at it. Sorry this is so late.

Carambola Flower




  1. I think the flower is called Flor del Rio
    There is a you tube tutorial

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  3. are there any written instructions for the Carambola Flower ? tia 😆

    1. Sorry for the later reply. I found this diagram It is in German, but I hope it helps!

    2. Thank you so much for the link to the diagram.