Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Feast of Saint Valentine

Once there was a guy called Saint Valentine who died. The end. Cool story, huh?

What's that? "Not really," you say? Then why do people, over sixteen centuries later, feel obliged to spend obscene amounts of money every year on February 14th to prove that they love someone?

Who's the culprit, you ask? As usual, we have Chaucer to blame. Or the guy who misinterpreted him. The author of The Canterbury Tales was the first to associate the Feast of Saint Valentine with love and romantic activity. Critics believe that the Feast of Saint Valentine that Chaucer was referring to actually falls on May 3rd. 

You heard me. You can read about it in this article by Meg Sullivan.

Nevertheless, since February 14th has come to be celebrated as the Day of Love in some countries, and since I have avoided making a Valentine's Day post in the past, it might be time for Paper Moon to show some love. 

(Note: You will not see any hearts on this blog. Except this one. It was Halloween, and the thing was cute.)


SO, what are you going to give your sweetheart tomorrow?

Apparently, nothing says I love you like a nice single red rose. Here is a pretty paper alternative to the kind that dies. This model was designed by Jo Nakashima. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know I have voiced some strong opinions about the giving of flowers as gifts. Don't get me wrong, I think flowers are great. When they're outside. With their roots still attached. So for alternative options, please check the previous post.

How about a pretty card made by you? Find out how to make this elegant origami card here.

And did you get her a gift? Do you want to make him think you're super creative? Why not put your trinkets in a nice little origami box? I have dug around and found some nice, non-gushy options for the less "romantic" among us. You're welcome.

How about this cute candy-shaped box? It is best for holding candy and/or chocolate. 

There is also the Love Swan Box by Tadashi Mori. I am quite partial to this one. 

And even though I am clearly not into all the sickly, sugary cr... criminal injustice that is pink hearts and creepy red plush dolls we must endure year after year, here is a beautiful and elaborate model, also by Tadashi Mori. The Versailles Box is made up of three sections. Find out how to make the flower part here, and the leaf part here.

These models can be given to anyone you love on this, the Day of Love. If you're not romantically involved, it doesn't mean there's no one out there who loves you. I mean, there has to be someone, right? Just spend tomorrow with someone you love if you can. Do it for all of us who are missing our loved ones but can't be with them.

I will end this tribute to poor Saint Valentine, the martyr, who I am sure died very painfully at the hands of the Romans, with these parting words of wisdom:

Remember, chocolate is always the best gift.

<3 from Paper Moon