Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cranes Again

I know what you're thinking, "Cranes again? Can't she do anything else?" But when you've folded as many cranes as I have, everywhere and out of everything, you are bound to come up with some...variations. I have raided my Box O'Cranes to bring you these interesting birds and my very own line of Mutant Cranes! (Don't forget to click on "READ MORE".)

Greyback Crane

From left to right: Color-Splash Crane, 24/7 Crane & Comic-Strip Crane

Coffee-Stain Cranes (I had some Post-its that I spilled coffee on.
Waste not, want not)

Kinder Crane

Translucent Cranes (flash)

(no flash)

The LAU Crane (in tribute to my alma mater)

Crane Family

The Tiniest Crane

And of course, I got the rare mutation or two while experimenting.

Hollow-Back Crane

Headless Crane (this was purely accidental)

Anorexic Crane

Yes, I love my cranes enough to name them all. I've folded hundreds, but there are hundreds yet left to go until I get my wish. Besides, it's a traditional model, and you know what they say about the classics...

I recently discovered in my purse a model half-folded from a receipt which I suspect was meant to be a crane. That's got to be bad luck!

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