Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hogwarts Project - Part I: The Four Houses

There's a whole generation of us who grew up with Harry Potter. I count myself among those whose life was touched from the very first time I met Harry by the magic Jo created with her enchanted quill. I remember waiting impatiently for the next book or movie to come out, escaping by burying myself in one of the books when the Muggle world got to be intolerable, making my own wand and taking it with me to *cough* high *cough* school, having Harry Potter themed birthday parties (yeah, ok, it was my 18th, I am not ashamed)... It was one hell of an adventure.

To cut the sentimental hogwash short, this is my little thank you to Harry for standing by me since we were both 11 years old.

Drum roll please, for the heralds of the Four Houses...

The Badger and the Eagle are from happypuppytruffles' Harry Potter series; the Snake is from her Chinese Zodiac series. And of course, no project would be complete without a Robert Lang. The lion is my second, and slightly improved, take on this model, now in blazing crimson.

Ravenclaw's Eagle instructions

Hufflepuff's Badger instructions

Slytherin's Snake instructions

Gryffindor's Lion based on Robert Lang's lion

I also made Ron's Howler from a traditional kissing lips model. The lips move and look like they are kissing, or in this case, giving Ron a tongue-lashing for flying the old Ford Anglia into the Whomping Willow.

Initially, I wanted to crown this project with one of Kade Chan's kickass Golden Snitch models. However, just to tease me, he did not publish any CPs or instructions for them. I had to settle for what my sister thought was a winged box.

Golden Snitch(?) instructions

I am planning a much longer Part II to this project, hopefully to come soon... if I can get all the models I am planning to make right.

All names, creatures and things © J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros.