Thursday, December 6, 2012

Origami First Lesson

One lady in our department who was passing by to say hello stopped to look at the paper flowers and other models that I leave strewn around the office. She liked them so much that she asked me if I would give her daughter origami lessons at their home once a month. This was the last thing I would have expected to happen, but it has turned out to be a fascinating experience.

My first lesson, I started out with one student and ended up with three, eight years old, sitting at the table, folding little paper tadpoles. 

Here are a couple of the models we made together.

We should really feel privileged if we are ever lucky enough to be invited into a child's magical world. These models are simple, but there is no reason they should not be exciting. The frog's lips move and make it look like it's croaking. The kids laughed endlessly at the funny expression on their frog's face. One of my students very eloquently said that he wanted to make his frog's eyes look "glazed over", as seen above. The box is an equally exciting toy; you can stow all your little bits and pieces and secrets in it. 
There is really nothing better or more rewarding than seeing a child excited about something. It reminds us adults (and I use the term begrudgingly in reference to myself) to appreciate the little things which could make us very happy if we just stopped to notice them.

After that first lesson, I am now introduced as "the origami teacher". That sounds pretty legit. I can't wait for my next lesson. I think we are ready to move on to slightly more difficult models.

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