Friday, March 22, 2013

Lots of Paper Love to Moms

Lebanon celebrates Mother's Day today. So if you are a mom, wherever you are, you are a remarkable being.

I was one of those kids who were fortunate to have had a supermom growing up. If you're like me, and if your mom was your comfort and solace, your teacher and friend, then don't forget to tell her so today. Remember that during those long hours in the delivery room, she was busy pushing your ungrateful fat head out of herself so that for many years to come she could cook for you, clean you, drive you around and spend every waking moment making you happy. So when she hugs you, don't pull away too soon.

If you're thinking of giving your mom a home-made card this year, why not go the extra mile! I've been into pop-up art lately (see this previous post), and I have received requests for more pop-up (actually, it was like, one request...recommendation...suggestion? ok, it was a comment made in passing.)

These are not exactly Mother's Day themed, but really, why wouldn't your mom want aliens and butterflies?

So it came out better than I expected, although the nice engineering is somewhat overshadowed by my childish artwork.

It takes a lot of patience to align everything perfectly so that it will
overlap where it should and... not where it shouldn't.

I used watercolors because I wanted it to have a kind of dreamy and serene quality.


 For the alien, I used the rotator technique. For more on pop-up techniques, visit the wonderful and ever helpful Howcast channel on YouTube.

Finally, I made a little collapsible base for the moon to make it stand a little higher than the card, creating a kind of relief effect.

This one is much simpler. It also gave me a chance to dabble some more with paints. I like working with messy materials. It makes it all the more tantalizing.

And this was going to be part of a card, but it remained unfinished. Ironically, it would have been the most appropriate for the occasion.

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