Saturday, February 2, 2013

Origami Third Lesson

It's really rewarding when you are teaching and you can tell that your students have learned something from you. My kids are really getting the hang of some of the folds. They don't even need to be reminded of how to make their preliminary folds anymore, and simply proceed to making them on their own.

This lesson, I wanted to try out some slightly more complex models (as in, with more steps; I am still going for the pretty simple) and I chose some fun ones with a twist. The last two, however, were the kids' own choices. They provided some of the paper and the book we used. I was pleased to see that they prepared the material in anticipation for the lesson. That's how I know I must be doing something right.

We started with these balloon bunnies. The kids loved the part where we had to blow them up.

And then we made a bunch of creepy blinking eyes.

One of the kids chose these sparrows for our next projects. I think they are sparrows; the book said "moineau". It was in French, and very confusing. The kids laughed at me when I read the instructions in reverse. We had to start over a couple of times. It was embarrassing, especially considering the simplicity of the model.

By this time, they were getting pretty tired and sleepy, but when has a kid ever consented to stopping? They always want more. We quickly made these awkward but cute penguins before saying good night.

One of my youngest students (6 years old) proudly showed me this ninja star she made at school, similar to the one we made together in our last lesson.

Check out my tutorial on how to make this transforming ninja star.

I was having a very bad day all day, but being able to work with the kids, as exhausting as it can be, and seeing their enthusiasm always manages to cheer me up.

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